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PET HATE: I hate dogs and cats and animals.

eg, sort of cute

With the Internet abuzz about the world’s cutest kitten this week (I’m more impressed with the photography), I thought it might be apropos to post a kind of rebuttal to the notion that all people like animals.

Let’s not tip-toe around the subject. People who dislike animals are considered evil, prejudiced against. The same way people who don’t like kids are prejudiced against. I think the idea is – how can you dislike something so innocent and pure?

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New LA Street Art! In Beverly Hills! Banksy?

Today I was lucky. I was driving, AND I encountered this. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – I have apparently run into a new Banksy piece just days after its “installation!” WINNING (See article at

Banksy – is that you?!

I lurve it. Interesting to note – it was in Beverly Hills. Not exactly known for its street art – potentially because it’s its own incorporated city within LA, so the police and residents blahblahblah are perhaps a little more stringent with “rules.” Anyhoo, it was on the side of one of the buildings that is under renovation somewhat near Rodeo.

Update: Google search reveals: There is another far more dark (emotionally) piece in Hollywood!

Passing a home in Santa Monica with extreme house dressings.

A home I passed in Santa Monica yesterday at 26th Street and California. My initial thoughts were not super positive. Maybe I just really don’t like tiles, but after a google search, sounds like the house and the family who lives there have cool stories. I’ll keep my captions here, but if you are interested in learning more about the house (Farnam Mosaic House) – which has been featured in the LA Times and NY Times – the Experience Los Angeles blog is a great resource and has much better pictures. I would suggest going to travelinlocal, but unfortch, looks like the entry and site have been hacked. Yikes.

please no

More pics after the jump.

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A visit to the murder house in Los Feliz. BUCKET LIST!

2475 Glendower Place

I have a friend. Let’s call her Kirsten.

Kirsten is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. She has a dad with a machete, so it’s best to have her on your team. A year or so ago, we were gchatting and she sent me a link to a story about a home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles that had been the scene of two murders in the late 1950s. From what peeps surmise, the owner of the home – Dr. Harold Perelson – found himself in financial straits, despite running a cardiology practice in Inglewood. That or he was depressed. One night in December 1959, he went bat-shit crazy and bludgeoned his wife to death with a ball-peen hammer, beat his daughter like, really badly (she got away), told the two younger children to go back to bed when they got up to find out what was happening (“It’s just a nightmare”) and poisoned himself with acid before the police got there. Case closed. (The three children are still alive but their whereabouts are unknown.)

But that’s not the nutso part. Apparently the house was sold the next year in a probate auction (whatever that means), and the two people who purchased the home (Emily and Julian Enriquez)┬ánever actually lived in it. They have since died, and their son Rudy – who is based in the valley – is now the owner. AND THE HOUSE REMAINS IN THE CONDITION IT WAS IN WHEN THE MURDERS TOOK PLACE.

I took my cousin and mom to see it last weekend, because – let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a part of such a miracle trip? (A disgusting number of pics after the jump.)

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Leaving your mark in LA.


If I was ever to leave LA, there’s one thing in particular I would miss. The street art.

I went through a phase last year – you know, work was hard and I was really lost blahblahblah – and the thought of working toward street-art fame became the answer to all my problems. I had a street name – Bumble Bea – and I created a motto image at work by remotely accessing the Adobe Creative Suite on my home laptop. I had plans to mass produce the image and subsequently worked to figure out how to pull a “Shepard Fairey” and brush an enlarged version of my signature “bee” onto the side of a vacant building in the Fairfax District. #pipedreams

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