Leaving your mark in LA.


If I was ever to leave LA, there’s one thing in particular I would miss. The street art.

I went through a phase last year – you know, work was hard and I was really lost blahblahblah – and the thought of working toward street-art fame became the answer to all my problems. I had a street name – Bumble Bea – and I created a motto image at work by remotely accessing the Adobe Creative Suite on my home laptop. I had plans to mass produce the image and subsequently worked to figure out how to pull a “Shepard Fairey” and brush an enlarged version of my signature “bee” onto the side of a vacant building in the Fairfax District. #pipedreams

I think a lot of people think street art/graffiti is gross and illegal (felony – true) and “bad” because 1) of DARE and 2) it doesn’t fit into the institution we recognize as the “civilized urban space.” But the London street-artist Banksy and his irreverent “installations” really resonated with me when I was first introduced to them through his “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) latched onto the street-art craze with its “Art in the Streets” exhibit last summer.

dog and shadow = what does it all mean?

Street art is kind of awesome because it is born out of so many contradictions. As a street-art teacher once explained (long story): you have to be one bad and boastful mofo to assault people’s eyes with your art and name. Because of that, you could say graffiti is about ego. (There’s a difference between street art and graffiti, but frankly…I’m 2 lazy 2 look up.) However you make a statement in the streetz, you make it knowing that at any moment someone could be like “I want to tag the shit out of that” – and BAM! Your art = modified or destroyed. It’s on my bucket list – to add to the trove of street art that litters the walls of Central LA. And if I’m lucky, someone will spray-paint over it the next day, metaphorically erasing my 7+ years in LA in one unaware, but deliberate, swoop.

So what street art can come of a random errand run in LA? The above and below.


good ole fashioned tagging

Here’s a cool site following the goings-on street-art wise in LA:



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  1. Bumble Bee is a brilliant Street Art name! Some amazing work here too!

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