LA on the streets. CARS

Christmas on wheels

I have seen a lot of stuff on the streetz lately.

In his autobiography (yes, read it. yes, signed copy), Fiddy Cent talked about how in the ‘hood your car is all you got – it’s the mobile way to show people you’ve made it, cause if you a crack dealer you can’t be takin people back to your house. It was a really insightful theory. I love Fiddy Cent.

If we take that theory and judge this city by the kind of cars out there on the road, I think we’ll find that 1) people (or at least drivers) feel a tremendous amount of pressure to appear wealthy (just from the number of beamers and Audis and Lexii) and 2) a driver feels a need to use his/her car as a means to differentiate him/herself from the pack. Can’t blame anyone – in a city of 12 million, it’s hard not to feel like a number. If I had the money, I’d prolly murder out my V-Dub and afterwards feel badly every time my dad made my monthly car payment. (Thanks dad.) In the meantime, I have a lone “Do Work” sticker on my bumper, in homage to the LA man who could and did murder out his vehicle, the professional skateboarder and mogul Mr. Rob Dyrdek.

Here’s a look at some of the recent delights – subtle and not-so-subtle – LA’s streets have proffered. You may need to click the pic to enlarge and, therefore, truly understand. After seeing the decor on their respective transportations, I think I should like to see these people’s homes. The irony.

murdered out with gold trim

bonus points for HOMEMADE

this license plate makes this person the coolest person on the planet. i love this person

This bs (bumper sticker) asks: what would Neil Young do?

Cat lady *Erykah Badu sings*

half the space SHALL REMAIN EMPTY

not everyone rocks a car

nothing makes a day like the sudden appearance of a Rascal


3 responses

  1. Love the faux hawk helmet!

  2. theartofrunningforchocolate | Reply

    The king of rascals resides in Thousand Oaks. He rolls with a helium Mylar balloon and an American flag.

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