Banksy? Is that you? Street art in LA take three.

kid and his teddy bear

I was getting gas near West Hollywood today, and LO AND BEHOLD, a Banksy blast. At least I think. Another pissing animal. And another statement on the complacency of modern-day human beings in first-world countries. Fittingly, I purchased a number of bottled coffees, a Squirt and a tub of butter from the gas station after taking this picture. Banksy = spot-on.

I’ve had a few posts on Banksy before. Essentially he’s a Daft-Punk street artist, in that no one knows what he looks like fo sho, and he is based in Europe and he makes great art shizz. He’s big enough that his art sells at auctions – although this week’s auction in LA didn’t perform so hot. (Please see the art specialist’s quote: “I was surprised that the Gangsta Rat piece did not find a buyer.”)

Last “Banksy” works I saw: an upset girl in Beverly Hills. FYI, it was painted over within a few weeks and now there is a big banner telling us that some Japanese jewelry-maker is moving in. I also saw this work of a pissing dog down the street from the upset girl. This one is a confirmed Banksy from 2010 and is listed on his official website. SUCK IT WORLD AND POLICE

Banksy in his stu-stu-studio


4 responses

  1. Love Banksy! I am assuming you have seen Exit through the Museum? Would love to see some of his art in person.

  2. Pam – from Ryan G to Banksy – we are twinsies! If you are ever in LA – let me know and I’ll show you some B – assuming it hasn’t been painted over!!

    1. Would LOVE that – I often have to work out there will definitely let you know!

  3. hotchocolaterunner | Reply

    My kids do that to my walls every day. Every day.

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