The Task Rabbit experience. Or, I am too busy.


There are two situations I don’t like being in: being bored and being overwhelmed. Shouldn’t that crap end after college? I think everyone can relate.

Four weeks ago, I decided to become a Task Rabbit to make some extra money. I’m on a kick to get out of debt as fast as I possibly can. What is a Task Rabbit you ask? Well, basically someone’s, anyone’s, bitch.

I work as a virtual assistant for a bunch of people through the website. The tasks are extremely varied. Someone right now wants a rabbit to pick up cupcakes and deliver them to a friend for her birthday. On Monday. At 6am. Extra money for dancing. I totally bid. But last week I read a BOOK and summarized the chapters for a total of, you guessed it, $8. This came out to less than $1 an hour. The VA marketplace is all over da map.

As I struggle to find time to blog, I thought I would use this entry to share a few takeaways from my whole experience.

No. 1: COMMUNICATE – oftentimes the posters don’t know how to articulate exactly what they are looking for. If you want a good laugh, just sign-up to be a task rabbit and look at some of the descriptions.

No 2: Do not take on too many tasks at once. You end up letting people down, and then you just want to relieve the pressure by eating a lot of ice cream (which you have delivered, of course). And then you gain weight and lose your pride.

I wrote this in-between tasks and mini-Twix breaks. Excel is waiting.

Studies have shown (I prefer to bury the lede thank you) that the happiest people are busy, but not overwhelmed. Good to know; now, how to get there?


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  1. Yes to be busy yet not overwhelmed – -there’s an aspiration……

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