What does Easter mean to you?

i am disproportionately proud of combining the naiveté of this picture with this fab emo quote

i am disproportionately proud of combining the naiveté of this picture with this fab emo quote

In case you haven’t heard, today is Easter. I have a number of Christian friends who I’m sure are celebrating in style today. They are incredible people.

So what does Easter mean to those of us who may not subscribe to organized religion?

I think it’s an incredible opportunity to reflect and connect.

There’s power in prayer, be it religious or not. Knowing we are not alone in this universe. Even if we simply think and honor the small ways in which we are all connected – we become kinder. Humbled. Mindful. Peaceful.

Maybe it’s a good day to decorate easter eggs just as a meditation (which is typically a ridiculously messy way of celebrating, but I digress). It can just be a celebration of our life on earth, if nothing else.

I wish you the best of days!


5 responses

  1. What a great post! The only Easter related thing we did was eat ham. I bought a quarter ham and it was going to turn out great in the oven. But I had forgotten the oven was broken. So we had fried ham:).

    1. How delicious! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

  2. This was our last year to do whatever we wanted so we chose to celebrate by cleaning the house lol! After this we’ll do some of the traditional stuff – make a mess with egg decorating, fill baskets, and dress in an obscene amount of pastels (whether we go to church or not)!

  3. I celebrated by eating miniature Easter eggs. . . aka M&Ms.

    1. that sounds IDEAL!! 🙂

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