yeah, first grade no thanks

yeah, first grade no thanks

Hi, I’m Jen. I grew up in ABQ, NM. I had a wonderful childhood, but like all of us, my childhood was not without its challenges. OCD. Body-image issues. My mom’s choice in eyeglass frames for her daughter. My mom’s choices regarding my hairdo. Depression. Playing softball with my dad feeling terrified before he pitched the ball, as sometimes it would hit me and I would inevitably hear: “Shake it off. Just shake it off.” Perhaps he wanted a boy. 🙂

I always loved literature and music, finding solace in books and cassette tapes when the cold, cruel outside world let me down. And/or right after a softball game with my dad.

I started this site in September 2012, as I needed a creative outlet, and it seems like after school and college end, so do the opportunities to find creative outlets. Plus, I’m introverted. So this is my outlet.

The site started out as a place for me to chronicle my adventures.

The blog has since turned into much more, a kind of examination of the ways in which my generation – generation Y (HEYO – JENERATION WHY?) – is transitioning into our kind-of adulthood. I’ve struggled. My other gen-y friends have struggled too, in varying degrees. I’ve had a number of heated and interesting conversations with my aforementioned Pennsylvania-bred, Baby-Boomer dad, who has very, VERY clear ideas about how things should be.

I’m on the fence about our generation – there are so many “pros” and “cons” to our hopes and dreams and notions – i.e. wanting to find a job that makes a social impact. But, DEVIL’S ADVOCATE ALERT: what about just feeling like we are lucky to have a job at all?

This blog tells my story as I make the transition into adulthood. It’s about what Gen Y has gotten right and where we might have sailed a teeny bit off-course. It’s an in-depth look at my life in the hopes that my stories resonate with others in my age range (and maybe even illuminate our generation’s belief system to those who have come before – the “elders”). It’s also full of musings and personal stories that I’ve categorized – soul, dating, career, etc.

This kid-to-adult transition has so far taken several years, so don’t worry – I’ll be busy with this indefinitely.

Welcome to Jeneration Why! I’m so glad you’re here.


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