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Updates from SS Coachella cruise

We’re here. In the middle of the ocean. We dock in Jamaica tomorrow, where I will partake in some snorkeling. Considering that the ocean is one of the things on my least-favorite-things’ list, looking forward to it!

We got upgraded to a room with an ocean balcony. I sat on it. It was hot, so I went back inside. 

The only time I have had seasick-ness (not in the “sick” sense, but in the “oh, we’re moving” sense), was last night, lying in bed.

The Internet is costing me .45 cents per minute. Hence the brevity. 

Cruises are fun. Can’t decide whether they are kitchsy (don’t have time/money for spell-check) or heaven on earth. Both prolly. I think the Apple dude in the “Celebrity iLounge” is a little worried that I’ve been in here over an hour. Most people are rocking the Internet for five min max. 

I look forward to posting more in-depth thoughts as soon as I have a chance! 

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